Monday, January 31, 2011

One thing leads to another!

It all started when I decided that Chris and Jude needed the 7x9 rug out of my kitchen.  I thought it would be easy to replace---WRONG!  After much searching, I finally found one that I could live with, at a price I could live with at J.C. Penney. Unfortunately, the black outline clashed with my navy blue theme.
The Navy cotton duck curtains, over my very wide sliding glass doors, did not look good.  They also completely darkened the room when pulled.  I ended up ordering (J.C. Penney to the rescue again) 8 semi-sheer black panels, 4 for each side.  I really like to softer new look.
Last on the list was my very patriotic border (stars and stripes hearts about 25 years old).  Took a while to decide on one with a message.  I really miss Dutcher's Glass and Paint!  I had to rely on the internet to find what I wanted.  Of course that also meant that I needed to put a new border in the office.

I really like how the office/laundry room turned out.  It says in gold lettering at the bottom, "God of Mercy - Full of Grace - Bless our Family's Dwelling Place. 

The kitchen is growing  on me.  I didn't realize this border would be so busy and that I would be sooooo picky about what to hang on the wall.  This one is a bunch of signs that say Faith, Family, Friends, Laugh, Love.  My family is making me look at it for a couple of weeks before they will allow me to make any more changes, like maybe new wall color or maybe a different border?!?