Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Really glad I am not living in Chicago!

Wow!  There was a 4 foot snowdrift in front of my garage door this morning!  Thank you Lord for a tractor with a loader on the front.  It is still drifting a little, but hopefully I can get to class tonight.  I saw a title on the Nathan Klinge family page "A Case of the Klinge's"  that said "Snowmaggedon, Snowverboard, Snowlate!"   It made me very grateful for the measly 8-9 inches of snow that we received.  It also made me grateful for a job that allows me to stay home on bad weather days. (and yes Kevin, I do have a real job!)

This is a picture from Christmas 2004.  I think we have changed a little!  I realized yesterday that I have no recent pictures of Kevin and I together.  So I used the camera in my Macbook to take a friendly one.  I will have to make sure that I get a good one taken in the near future.